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J.D. The Chief – “OverFLOW”

by Miracle

12286182_10153882808798254_1785519780_n(Photo By Trill GFX)

J.D. The Chief decided to bless those in his faithful tribe with a brand new track which he was kind enough to give The Illixer the first drop on. The single is entitled “OverFLOW” and it is produced by Demolish Beatz. The selection is slated to appear on a project in the works coined Feature Presentation. The mixtape will serve a dual purpose. It will satisfy the craving of a solo effort from The Chief for his fans but it will also give nods to some of his personal favorite fellow artists by way of guest appearances. So it has all the makings of a pretty major release. Get a sample of what’s in store after the break.
The production here is of an appealing nature. The thumping bass-line, contemporary supporting details, versatile rhythm, and neutral vibe result in a favorable blend. The hook is different but in a positive way. The delivery is unconventional and the lyrics are straightforward. The verses are of a reputable quality. J.D. The Chief enlists an alternating flow, quick wordplay, and explicit rhymes. He let’s it be known that though he may not be the most heard from artist in the game, he is not to be slept on by any means. A handful of noteworthy lines from the highly driven rapper include: “I got floetry. That’s poetry in motion. When I’m on the beat, they notice me. When I’m off, they tell me keep going. But I only stop to start toking. When I begin again, there’s no end in sight. Write a record, then record the record, then I upload it right to the website. Wonder why I get no sleep at night. Repeat the process, delete the bulls–t.” The hunger displayed within those words right there is something special. All in all, this is a fitting way to set the tone for the upcoming tape.

**My Two Cents: I’ve been waiting for J.D. to get on his solo game for the longest. So I was more than happy to premiere this single and start getting the word out about Feature Presentation. This track is mint. The instrumental is a catchy one and the content easily captures the listener’s attention. J.D. definitely gets his point across loud & clear in a way that is sure to get him recognition by anyone who may have been sleeping on him before. I dig the concept for the pending tape too. No one has done anything like it. So it will be neat to experience how it all comes together. In the meantime, readers need to dive into the ‘overflow’ as soon as they get a chance. -MinM

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