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2016 Top 5 New Artists: Class-M

by Pooh Bailey



Class-M is a Milwaukee native emcee who began rapping informally in high school alongside fellow MKE-based emcee and longtime friend Cardiac Da Pulse. Class-M is an artist on Red Division Music, a record label founded by Cardiac himself. The Aria, Class-M’s first CD with Red Division Music was released in 2012.

In the years that followed, Class-M mastered his skills by listening to a wide range of musical influences, while developing an unique sound that is entirely his own creation. Class-M is currently in the midst of a multi-volume EP project titled Midterms that consists of six short three to four song EP releases. One will be released each week for a six week period. This special venture was kicked off this Fall to coincide with the 2015 Fall school semester. The Midterms project will be followed by Academic Probation in Spring of 2016. Both efforts will be highly personal works to Class-M as they delve into his psyche as both an artist and a person.

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So Why is Class-M a 2016 Top 5 New Artist?

Class-M is Top 5 simply because he stands out. In a music world where everyone is either making up a dance, pretending they are from Atlanta, or fake drug dealing, it feels good to hear someone’s true reality. It’s hard making self-conscious music without it coming off as preachy. But Class-M avoids that. It’s more of ‘what if your favorite trapper decided to change his life.’ That is what makes him stand out. And that is what makes him a Top 5 Artist. Plus, the roll-out of this project is pretty dope. It worked for Klassik with Seasons. Giving the fans a weekly dosage of what you got in store, is what makes Class-M stand out from everyone. I for one, am excited to see what he does in 2016 with Academic Probation. (I know about real life academic probation too well.) So take a listen to this Meek Mill / Kanye West hybrid. Class-M is someone you never knew you needed on your iPod. – Pooh Bailey

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