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Boombox Saintz – “All Saintz Day”

by Miracle

artworks-000134729893-3c6jso-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Long standing Milwaukee group, the Boombox Saintz haven’t appeared on the site in over a year. So when the opportunity came about to share their latest stand alone single, figured it would be a real treat for readers.

The track is cleverly coined “All Saintz Day.” It is described as an ode to: family, unity, and bravery. Which is sort of a short hand representation of the what the Saintz are all about. The production is clean. It has a crisp throwback feel to it with hearty components and an intermediate tempo. The hook is quite catchy. The delivery is smooth and the lyrics are simple which make them easy to remember. And the content is satisfactory. The fellas contribute well-defined flows, becoming wordplay, and proficient rhymes.  They do a fine job of carrying out the aforementioned concept of the selection. All in all, this is an apt loosie that readers should consider giving an ear whenever they get a free moment. -MinM

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