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Eeva – “11 Weeks”

by Miracle

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The last time readers heard from European songstress Eeva was back in March of 2014. She has been doing some covers and such to keep her fans happy. The most recent of which dropped earlier this month. She graced The Illixer with the record. It is called “11 Weeks” and it is set to the instrumental of “Between Friends” by artists Flying Lotus & Thundercat. The concept for the track revolves around getting over a lost love. Something is very relatable to just about anyone. Get more into the tune after the break.

The production here is refreshing. The solid foundation, atmospheric background ingredients, groovy tempo, and contemplative vibe are a golden sonic pairing. It retains the same style & sound as it’s origins. The hook doesn’t appear too often but it’s a notable nonetheless. The vocals are gentle and the lyrics are emotional. The verses are real. Eeva serves up sweet melodies and heartfelt lyrics as she tries to sort out the end of a failed relationship. Her goal was to capture all of the feelings & phases that one goes through during the 11 week period of recovering from the loss of a long term relationship. It should noted that the time period comes from the studies released in the popular science community. It has not been proven as a fact or anything yet. A highlight from Eeva’s healing process includes: “Somewhere between smiles and missed signs you were contemplating on leaving it all behind.
Cause what I perceived as a bump in the road, you saw as a ditch …. whoa. Ain’t that a b—h. Man its so hard, so hard to forget. And in time I’mma be alright but guess not yet.” One can definitely feel Eeva’s pain through those raw & honest words right there. Overall, this is an excellent spin on the Flying Lotus instrumental.

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**My Two Cents: I am a fan of Eeva’s, so I was excited to see this song in my email. She truly did her thing. The instrumental is mint and it suits her talents flawlessly. The hook is brief but appropriate. And the content accomplishes exactly what it’s supposed to. In a world where quality R&B is seriously lacking, this is a breath of fresh air. Readers need to hit play on this asap. I’m definitely going to try to do a better job of keeping up with the Serbia songstress so that we don’t miss another year of her dope music. -MinM

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