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ER Kenta – Juggin Thru The Pressure (EP Review)

by Miracle

12242058_10153078367662676_59042679_n(Photo By ER Kenta)

“Still Love Me” (previous review)

Milwaukee talent ER Kenta (Rebel Religion) has officially cemented himself as a solo artist with the fresh release of his highly anticipated EP, Juggin Thru The Pressure. The project contains a total of eight tracks with only one guest appearance. Said guest appearance happens to be another 414 favorite, C-Mill$. Additionally, it includes the hit singles “Still Love Me” and “You Feel It.” Continue reading after the break to see how The Illixer feels about his debut solitary venture.

“5 On It”

This is the very first single on the collective. The production here is dope. It incorporates a twist of the classic old school joint “I Got 5 On It” by West Coast Hip-Hop duo The Luniz. The deep rooted bass, trendy secondary components, measured pace, and serious vibe make for a very sleek mash up. There is no hook present as the record is a tad on the shorter side. There is definitely room for one, so it would’ve been cool to hear ER take a stab at it. The absence doesn’t hurt the track though. There is only one verse and it is of an adequate quality. ER Kenta serves up a raspy style flow, reputable wordplay, and hood savvy rhymes. He sets a promising tone for what’s to come with the rest of the EP. Observe as he spits: “Enjoy your time. The little we all have. I’m just pulling it out the bag and throwing it on her a**. Making it all back. Life is about money. (…) And I’m grinding. I told ’em that. I’m like mama look what I did. I killed ’em and brought ’em back. And I’m smoking, no cardiac. And I’m chucking, no running back.” Those are some truly real & authentic bars right there. Overall, this is a winning way to get the ball rolling.

“The Attire”

The production here is of a high quality nature. The grounded foundation, subtle background elements, creeping rhythm, and no-nonsense vibe result in a fitting mixture. The hook is good. The delivery stands out and the lyrics are fetching. The verses are orthodox. ER Kenta utilizes a harsh flow, valid wordplay, and rugged rhymes. He pens a street anthem that is ideal for scenarios such as cruising through the city at night and zoning out. A couple of notable lines include: “Riding around with this yopper on me. Smoking weed like the doctor told me. I ain’t worried about no 12 n—a. I got enough shots here for 12 n—as. Bust down, no shell n—a. You talking big but your frail n—a. Real n—a, mouth full of gold. Phone full of hoes but you n—as broke. That sad story, I ain’t used to.” One has to respect the swagger of those opening bars right there. All in all, this single is sure to be a hood favorite, hands down.

“You’ll Be Iight”

 This is the very last cut on the EP. The production here is well packaged. The weighty infrastructure, daunting musical ingredients, plodding tempo, and intense vibe are of a four star quality. The hook is prime too. The delivery is magnetic and the lyrics are engaging. The verses are on point. ER Kenta provides a signature flow, compelling wordplay, and deeply personal rhymes. He opens up to the listener about some of the struggles that he’s facing in his life. He vents: “We can’t even talk on the phone about our kid. S–t get crazy. As a father I need to handle some s–t. Smoking back to back. Put a smile on all that s–t when I’m breaking down mentally and really can’t handle it. (…) It get heavy in my heart and my mama gotta convince me if I run up on her mama then that’s another conviction I don’t need. I rewind in my mind, yo n—a calling my line. You forgot the day before you was trying to be mine.”  The vulnerability in those lines right there makes quite the impact. As a whole, this is a great number to end the collective with and the single is also a site favorite.

**My Two Cents: ER Kenta has always stood out to me as a star, even when in a group. So I was too excited to see him striking out on his own. Juggin Thru The Pressure definitely reflects his potential. The production is consistent and the content is favorable. ER Kenta brings his own one of a kind flavor to the table for sure. There could’ve been a little more variation in the beat selection though and there are spots here & there where the lyrics could be a tad bit stronger. But the EP ranks at about a B level in it’s entirety. Readers should certainly give it a go and consider purchasing it as well. -MinM

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