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Joey Burbs F/ Decent At Best – “Lead The Way”

by Miracle


Readers say hello to Joey Burbs. He’s an artist on the rise who currently resides in Houston (Texas) but is Mil-Town bred. His style is fresh mixture of Hip-Hop and Pop.  Currently, the young 20 something talent is gearing up to release a new project labeled The Redshirt EP. He reached out to the site a little bit ago with the EP’s first single. It’s called “Lead The Way” and it is produced by Medasin. There is also a guest appearance from artist Decent At Best.

The production here is excellent. The conventional base, instrument fueled supporting details, sprightly tempo, and feel good vibe result in a very rewarding combination. The hook is impressive as well. The harmonies are tailored perfectly to the beat and the lyrics are uplifting. The verses are of a first-class quality. Joey Burbs utilizes an unique organic flow, memorable wordplay, and telling rhymes. He colorfully gives the listener a bit of insight into his unwavering dedication to his musical craft. A sprinkling of lines to be aware of are: “I’m realizing there’s a lot of things I need to say. A lot of goals in me before I up and leave this place. So while you’re working round the clock just waiting til that vacation come; I’m trying to make a life that I don’t need a vacation from. I swear to God I’m not a king or a prince but I get royalties from every place I’m singing this s–t.” Those are some choice genuine opening bars right there. Overall, this is an awesome lead record.

**My Two Cents: Joey Burbs is quite the refreshing talent and this single is everything. I love the way the elements of Trap and Jazz co-exist together. The hook slays. The vocals are a significant part of the song’s appeal for sure. And the content is nice. The theme of the record is one that anybody trying to turn their dreams & talents into a career can feel. Plus, it’s always something special when an artist can give the listener a little bit of themselves personally. Mr. Burbs will definitely be featured on the site again. The Redshirt EP is slated to drop on the 21st of this month. So keep those eyes & ears on high alert. -MinM

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