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ER Kenta – “Still Love Me”

by Miracle

C31A0532_1(Photo By ER Kenta)

Detroit/Milwaukee artist ER Kenta (Rebel Religion) is currently on a mission to introduce the world to himself as a solo talent. Part of this quest is promoting a single coined “Still Love Me.” He’s putting a lot of time and effort into making sure the track is properly received, so it’s not officially released yet. However, The Illixer happen to catch him performing the record live and was gifted the chance to share it with readers.

The production here is fire. The loaded bass line, gritty urban supporting details, contagious rhythm, and spirited vibe make for a top of the line combination. The hook is A1 as well. The delivery is melodic and striking. The lyrics are passionate and hard to forget. The verses are first-class. ER Kenta presents an one of a kind flow, skillful wordplay, and fulfilling rhymes. He does an excellent job of creating a love themed anthem with a seriously hood twist. A handful of signature lines include: “She know my passion the bando. She put cash on my books. Her mama tell her she stupid. But I’m worth more than my looks. She so bad when she angry. She keep attitudes. She hate when we fighting. She say just tell her the truth. I say bae why you tripping? Don’t give no damn ’bout these hoes.” Those are some trill savvy opening bars right there. As a whole, this is a banging selection.

**My Two Cents: This track caught my attention from the moment it came on and didn’t let go. The beat is insane. And who knew ER Kenta had so much personality to bring to the table? I love his style. His flow is super distinctive and the lyrics here are well put together. Not one bad thing to be said about this number. It’s an honor to be able to host it on the site. Very excited to see what ER Kenta has in store for us next. Hit that play button asap. You do not want to miss this one. -MinM

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