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Lee Cruz – “XXIV”

by Pooh Bailey

image1(Photo By Eye Am Records)

Meet Harlem’s own Lee Cruz, an Eye Am Records artist that is ready to show the world what he’s got. However for the time being, Lee Cruz will just tell us what his last 24 hours of life would consist of over the classic Ma$e hit, “24 Hours to Live” (Featuring: Black Rob, The Lox, and DMX). From making his final cash transaction to telling his ex-girlfriend the painful truth, Cruz aims to be way more transparent than most artists. The track “XXIV” takes the listener on a very interesting ride. This track is also a part of the EYE AM series ‘Saturday Night Live Freestyles.’

For the record, I tend to critique a track harder if it’s a freestyle over a classic Rap instrumental. With that being said, Lee Cruz did his thing. The middle of the freestyle needed a little work but as a whole the track was consistent. The breakdown of each hour was needed and kept the listener intrigued on what Cruz would do next. Now I wouldn’t put this freestyle on the original joint but I would throw it on the B-Sides. Lee Cruz truly has a future ahead of him and if any of the other artists on Eye Am Records are just like Cruz, then the return of true New York Hip-Hop is near. If readers happen to like the freestyle as well, Cruz is dropping a project in September with his team The Triangle Trade. The effort has been labeled LIT. Those interested can keep up with the group on Twitter. And just for kicks check out the visual for Ma$e’s version of the cut below. -Pooh Bailey

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