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image1(Photo By Eye Am Records)

Meet Harlem’s own Lee Cruz, an Eye Am Records artist that is ready to show the world what he’s got. However for the time being, Lee Cruz will just tell us what his last 24 hours of life would consist of over the classic Ma$e hit, “24 Hours to Live” (Featuring: Black Rob, The Lox, and DMX). From making his final cash transaction to telling his ex-girlfriend the painful truth, Cruz aims to be way more transparent than most artists. The track “XXIV” takes the listener on a very interesting ride. This track is also a part of the EYE AM series ‘Saturday Night Live Freestyles.’

(Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

Bad Boyyyy. Bad Boyyyy. Come out and playyyyyy. Take that. Take that. The B.E.T. Awards have come and gone for another year. There were some highs and lows, but one of my favorite highlights was the Bad Boy 20 year reunion. Complete with a few of my favorite gems, Puff Daddy (or whatever he goes by today) sure knows how to put on a show. Puff, Ma$e, The Lox, Lil Kim, Faith Evans, and 112 gave the award ceremony a Hip-Hop nostalgic feel. Especially with Lil Kim doing her iconic squat pose, which for a minute, made us forget she’s been cut more times than a deck of cards at a casino. The only problem with the set was, where was the rest of the roster? They don’t have weekends off? There were no minutes on their phones? Or is it because Diddy still hasn’t paid them?

DSC_8194-Edit(Photos By She’s Ryan)

“Whoa Remix” F/ Kris Kasanova (listen/download)

S I R” (listen/download)

She’s Ryan aka SIR is a Brooklyn bombshell with a plethora of talents. She’s a former photographer and current: model, singer, songwriter, and rapper. Her goal is to utilize all of her abilities to build her entertainment brand to it’s maximum potential. She has successfully done so thus far by taking her alias SIR and turning it into an entity all it’s own via her music, merchandising, and social media. According to Ryan, SIR represents: power, confidence, and respect. Something that both men and women alike can appreciate.  Additionally, Ryan prides herself on having many layers and not succumbing to any label or category when it comes to her various art forms. When it’s all said and done, Ryan wants to be remembered as a successful source of leadership and inspiration.