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Petti Hendrix Presents: Rebel Fest 2015

by Miracle

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Unity is a word thrown pretty freely around the local music scene. But very few people take the steps to try to put said word into action. Well the ever so talented and popular Petti Hendrix (Rebel Religion) decided to make an effort to change that. He put together a two part festival with the intentions of bringing together artists, media outlets, and any other entertainment types that are doing their thing in the business. He donned it Rebel Fest after his ever growing imprint.

The event took place at Club Timbuktu, which is one of the few local venues to still support the Hip-Hop scene without too much of a hassle. He selected 26 artists to perform and split them up evenly between the two days. Monte Carlo served as the DJ for the venture. And local business Loc Wise acted as one of the sponsors. The Illixer, Mounday Digital, and HipHopND were on hand to capture the festivities and provide press for the artists. The first installment (8/15) of the festival panned out more like a day party as it took place in the early evening hours. Networking was in full swing and camaraderie was evident in the initial stages of the event. Everyone gathered about Timbuktu to show love and introduce themselves to new faces. Once everyone was all settled in and connected, the performances began. There was a lot of positive energy and dope music pouring throughout the venue. Everyone from all sides of the city came together to just enjoy the occasion. It was a beautiful thing to see Petti’s vision turn out so successfully on the first day.

The second day (8/16) was more of the same but in a traditional showcase type of sense. It took place at night and was playfully coined the night for the Trap stars. Individuals came from as far as Atlanta to support the movement as well as grace the stage. Despite the edgy reputation of Trap music, it was another exhibition of love and good times. There was no tension, drama, or cause for alarm. Just proof that it is possible to get everyone on the same page. It is safe to say that day two of Rebel Fest was also a win for Petti and his mission.

All in all, I think that for a debut venture, Rebel Fest was great. I was thoroughly impressed with how everyone conducted themselves. The performances were lively. And there was quite a bit of mingling that took place. The Illixer staff definitely met some fresh talent that we are hoping to be able to bring to the site and/or our own events in the future. There were a couple of minor things that could of been done a tad differently but nothing that can’t be fixed for the next year. It was a good time and an excellent effort by Petti Hendrix and his Rebel Religion team. So many props to them. Happy to have been able to experience it all. If readers liked the above video, they can catch more of the site’s adventures at Rebel Fest 2015 via our YouTube channel, The Illixer TV. -MinM

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