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The Board – “Me & My Partnaz”

by Miracle
“Me & My Partnaz” (Stream Here)

Quise Picasso and his team aren’t letting the antics of 2020 slow down their musical progression for the 4th quarter. They’ve got a few tricks up their sleeves and this includes getting the world familiar with Executive Board Music Group aka The Board. Just a few short days ago, Quise and company dropped a new single for their supporters entitled “Me & My Partnaz” (The Illixer got an early listen). It’s the first record off of an upcoming compilation project called Respect The Seal. Quise Picasso joins forces with Omari Kamau and everything is brought together by Toone.

The production here is fresh. The low key foundation, groovy musical elements, relaxed tempo, and breezy vibe make for a real auditory treat. The hook is valid as well. The delivery is charismatic and the lyrics are relatable. The verses are concrete with Quise taking point on the first verse and Omari Kamau following through on the second. The flows are one of a kind, the wordplay is fitting, and the rhymes are a little hood yet likable. The fellas have a genuine love for their homies and they aren’t afraid to let it be known. A handful of memorable lines from Omari include: “No matter how far the distance I’m just one call away. You can’t say s–t about my dawg and me not do nothing. Cause one fight, we all fight. The whole crew is coming. Drunk and all, my n—as ready to brawl. Down for whatever. Me and the homies stick together.” Gotta appreciate the unwavering display of loyalty being outlined in those bars right there. Overall, this is a truly enjoyable lead single.

**My Two Cents: “Me & My Partnaz” grabbed me from the moment that I heard it. The production gives me classic West Coast flavor. The content building off of that reminds me of a Tupac style track. Either something laid-back he would do with The Outlawz or something similar to “Run Tha Streetz.” It’s just a whole pour up, roll one, and zone out with your crew type of vibe. I love it and can’t wait to hear what else Respect The Seal has to offer. Don’t sleep, hit that streaming link asap. -MinM

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