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RA – “Vault”

by Miracle
“Vault” (Stream Here)

Long time site affiliate RA has truly utilized 2020 to mark himself as a jack-of-all-trades. He’s been beautifully branding people with his artwork in tattoo circles from Wisconsin to Texas. He’s immersing himself in the fight for social justice by doing everything from standing on the front lines to creating his own media platform to give the people a fair voice. And he just recently reminded his supporters that he’s no stranger to the mic either.

Cue “The Vault.” RA hit fans over the head with this one a couple of weeks ago. The track is produced by Taysty Beats. It runs on the shorter side in length but definitely leaves a lasting impression. The production here goes hard. The booming bass, sleek musical ingredients, and steady tempo result in an undeniable vibe. The hook is beasty too. The delivery is lively and the lyrics are striking. There is only one verse present but it gets the job done. RA comes through with a seasoned flow, tough wordplay, and eclectic rhymes. He sends the message that he’s focused and taking no prisoners: “While they been out caking, I been down. We baking. Worry bout them b—hes later. I don’t like distractions No hands in the cake mix. (…) Out of orbit. In my range. You ain’t finding my spaces.” RA has always been in a league of his own and we are definitely here for it. All in all, this song is pure heat.

**My Two Cents: Been a fan of RA on the music and tattoo tip for a long time now. So I was super excited to receive the opportunity to share “The Vault” with readers. It’s been a while but he still has an unique style and an energy that keeps the listener captivated. And the production on this one was crazy dope. Great match for RA for sure. He’s been hinting that this is just the tip of the iceberg for new music releases and I can’t wait to hear what’s next. Make sure y’all click that link and tune in. -MinM

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