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The Illixer's Songs Of The Year (2016) by TheIllixer The Illixer's Songs Of The Year (2015) **Editor's Note: For the fourth year in a row, The Illixer



“Street Lights And Concrete” (previous review)

Packin Bags (Spotify)

Shawn Guala officially released his Packin Bags project at the tail end of last month. It comes in a couple of different versions. Those willing to support indie talent with a purchase can get a hard copy of the mixtape or a USB by hitting up Shawn. The tape contains about 13 total tracks and Mr. Guala is offering a few extra goodies on the USB. Otherwise, people can catch a condensed or album version of the collective on streaming services such as Spotify. The LP is a few tracks shorter than the tape. Since streaming is more readily accessible to the people, The Illixer decided to cover the amended version.

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After about three weeks of intense promotion and preparation; the two year anniversary celebration officially went down on the 13th at Y-Not III. It was hosted by Kia Rap Princess, DJ Bangaboy Kritakal held down the tables, new face to the family Cyrena Martin (Mahogany Cares) came through in a pinch with sponsored gifts, and the Blaqlizt Music Entertainment team along side The Illixer staff took care of the business dealings. There were a fair amount of supporters that showed up too, ranging from mere fans to some of the 414’s most elite talents such as: Trunk Bussa, Super Ego, Rue The Poet, etc.

(Photos By Facebook.Com) [audio m4a="http://theillixer.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Voice_007.m4a"][/audio] "Swerv" (listen/download) "Back In The Day" (listen/download) Alpha Studios On Facebook Aztec Ink Tattoo Shop On Facebook **Editor's Note: Joey Dee & RA have been long