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Moe White – “Which One”

by Miracle
“Which One” (Apple Music)

2020 has been an extremely harrowing year for those within the communities of color. Numbers show that they are being hit the hardest by the ongoing pandemic. Then on top of that, they are suffering from a disturbingly high number of deadly run-ins involving the police. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Jose Acevedo, are just three of the individuals who lost their lives at the hands of those who are supposed to protect and serve earlier this year. No officers have been charged in the wake of their deaths and there have been countless other instances involving law enforcement that have resulted in lives lost or permanently altered with little to no repercussions. Not only this year but in previous years as well. The people have gotten tired, fed up, and are taking matters into their own hands. Marches, riots, calls to action/unify, social media campaigns, murals, city hall meetings, etc are just a few of the ways that the people are utilizing to push for change.

Some musicians are even using their platforms to create anthems and visuals regarding the subject matter. Moe White (Green Bay, WI) is among said artists. He recently dropped a single coined “Which One.” The title speaks to the fact that there is a long and seemingly growing list of individuals past and present that were taken from this earth too soon due to police officers excessively abusing their positions. The track is set to a reserved foundation with emotion evoking supporting details. Coupled with a simple yet passionately delivered hook and raw unfiltered verses, Moe White does a powerful job of giving his stance on the whole ordeal. Listeners will definitely get an earful and be left with something to think about for sure. Readers are highly encouraged to click on the link at the start of the post.

**My Two Cents: Moe White and his single “Which One” were put onto The Illixer‘s radar by long time site supporter DJ Trill Will. I’m super glad that he made the connection. “Which One” is a very honorable tribute to those who are no longer with us due to the corruption within the various police forces. I believe it will definitely resonate with our readers as well. My heart goes out to the friends and family members of the fallen. I hope these types of songs give them a little bit of comfort and let them know that they are not alone in the fight for justice. “I’m tired of hearing I thought he had a weapon in his hand. Or I feared for my life. F–k they train you for? Damn!” Moe speaks for all of us in those lines right there. Hang in there y’all. #BLM -MinM

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