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TheYungJB – 199lit

by Pooh Bailey

Meet THEYUNGJB. Born in South Africa but moving to the States in 2008, TheYungJB has already made a splash with his hit song, “Ms. Jackson” featuring Square Pass. His latest offering is his album, 199Lit. Two years ago, while back in South Africa, he recorded the album. TheYungJB was influenced while partying in Pretoria. His current surroundings have influenced his lyrics as he was exposed to the party lifestyle. TheYungJB wanted to keep the youthful spirit alive through his songs.

199lit on first listen was everything I thought Jaden Smith’s last project would sound like. If you are looking for some good ol’ Afrobeats, this isn’t it. This is for the young twenty something trying to vibe out on a Saturday night. “Plottin and Schemin” is the perfect song to describe leaving the club at closing and looking for something to eat. While ‘Plottin and Schemin’ is the after the club song, “Sauce” is what you would get dressed to. I will admit that before I even hit play, I had a terrible assumption. Man, this humble pie is no joke. TheYungJB is incredible. His flow over this phenomenal production is A-1. 199lit is definitely the soundtrack to end the Summer (if Covid would let us have a Summer). TheYungJB is most likely going to be a name that we all will be hearing a lot of in the near future. I just hope we are around long enough to get 199lit. –Pooh Bailey

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