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Below The Belt Boxing: A BroCast (Podcast Spotlight)

by Miracle

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Background: The foundation was established years ago with Adam Papi, Juan (Juan G), Rhubin (Big Rue), & Blue (Mr. Blueprint). Adam and Juan have been best friends since 2005 and are always debating sports, music, and more as well as watching boxing together. Big Rue and Mr. Blueprint came into the picture in 2008. They were apart of the same gym and boxing team as Adam. The fellas developed a bond through sparring and training in the gym and also traveling the nation fighting other competitors. Juan would frequent the gym to show support and catch fights. Throughout the years the fellas became close due to their common interests and time spent hanging out. A few years ago they were on a chat on an app called Marco Polo that Rue put together where they would video message each other about fights. It became entertaining and Blue suggested that they make a podcast out of it. The guys sat on the idea for a while. Then Adam got kicked out of a Facebook boxing group for speaking too much of his truth. This sparked him to start his own group which he named Below The Belt Boxing. It quickly grew which motivated him to move forward with the podcast. The fellas were still on board with the idea and Below The Belt Boxing: A BroCast was born. The first episode was shot May 2021 for the Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders fight. The installment was well received and the bros have been going non-stop ever since. The podcast is constantly developing and the guys are always looking for new ways to take things to the next level.

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**My Two Cents: I don’t know a damn thing about boxing (lol). But the fellas are definitely passionate about the sport and seem very knowledgeable as well. I do enjoy their back & forth in the other areas (Entertainment, Music, etc.) though. They always manage to incorporate a comical element which of course is appealing to any audience. If readers are looking for a new addition to their podcast collection or are maybe diving into the podcast world for the first time, Below The Belt Boxing: A BroCast is highly recommended. So visit the links above and be sure to share if you’re feeling the bros. -MinM

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