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Blakc Shiffe – “Blocka” (Song & Video)

by Miracle
“Blocka” on Apple Music & Spotify (Stream Here)

Blakc Shiffe is a 414 talent that was discovered on one of our affiliates social media accounts. He grew up surrounded by music and was encouraged to use the art-form as a means of expression. Not the most outgoing person, Shiffe took to music pretty quickly. Unfortunately, trouble seemed to be quickly drawn to the Milwaukee native as well. Over the years as he was in and out of the system, his passion and aptitude for music grew. He released his first mixtape in 2009 and would go on to dive into music full time in 2021. With the newly added “Blakc (Better Life After Karma Comes)” to his moniker, the rapper is currently campaigning for his Blakcman EP. The first release is an endearing tribute to his daughter. And the second release off of the project is what put him on the site’s radar. It’s a hood style track called “Blocka.”

The production here is lit. The hearty bass, polished musical ingredients, mid-tempo pace, and weighty vibe work perfectly together. The hook is catchy. The delivery is charismatic and the lyrics are straightforward. The verses are quality. Blakc Shiffe takes to the mic with a spirited flow, quick wordplay, and colorful rhymes. He gives the listener an unapologetic glimpse of who he is with lines like: “I’m a gangster first. Check my paperwork. You get yo feelings hurt. N—as they be b—-es. I ain’t tripping. It’s the hate in her. She call you cutie pie. That’s why you be caking with yo b—h ass. You a die f–king ’round with Satan in this grey Jag.” One can not deny the lethal tone of those bars right there. Overall, this cut is a banger.

There is a video component for “Blocka.” The video is shot by RayShotIt. The concept is simple yet engaging. Blakc Shiffe posts up in the city with his people. He shows love to his homie that’s locked up. And he gives the camera an energetic performance. As a whole, it’s a reputable visual. Readers will definitely get a kick out of it.

**My Two Cents: Blakc Shiffe made an instant impression on me. The way he carries himself in the “Blocka” video along with the brazen nature of his lyrics just hit different. And I love a good get it out the mud story. He’s turned his life around and is dedicated to working with children but he is not to be taken lightly on the music tip. He’s going for breakout artist of the year and he just might have that title on lock. I personally can’t wait to hear more from the Blakcman EP. -MinM

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