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Milli AllDay – “Get Lit”

by Miracle
“Get Lit” (Listen Below)

Milli AllDay connected to the site via one of our favorite podcast shows: The JayLamar Podcast (Tune In Sunday Nights). The budding talent hails from Delaware. He describes himself as an Alternative Hip-Hop artist. And you know we like ’em different here on the site. He is preparing to release a new project in August called AllDay 2. He sent over a couple of diverse tracks that are set to appear on the collective. All of the tracks made for choice music but there is one that really stuck with The Illixer.

“Get Lit” is produced by BeatsByEmani. The production here is A1. The crisp base, groovy musical components, upbeat rhythm, and free-spirited vibe are a match made in heaven. The hook is very likable. The delivery has some pep to it and the lyrics are easily remembered. There is only one verse present and it is of a valid quality. Milli AllDay dishes up a sociable flow, modest wordplay, and lighthearted rhymes. He pens the perfect anthem to kickback and relax with. Since Summer is the season for all types of gatherings, this single is circulating at the perfect time. As a whole, this is a satisfying offering.

**My Two Cents: Milli AllDay has an unique air about him. He’s not afraid to experiment with different sounds/styles and challenge the traditional image of Rap/Hip-Hop. I love that. Y’all know I’m always encouraging artists to step outside of the box. “Get Lit” is just a whole vibe. Definitely one of those joints that has you up out of your seat as soon as the beat drops. A refreshing escape from all of the heaviness that’s going on in the world today. This may be Milli’s first time ever on the site but I can promise you that it won’t be his last. Be on the lookout for AllDay 2 in August. -MinM

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