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MNTRY – “Purple Emojis”

by Miracle

“Purple Emojis” (Stream Here)

The world of male R&B singers is hanging on by a thread as of late (IYKYK). But there are a few talents who are determined to prove that all hope is not lost. Site alumni MNTRY is one of said individuals. Not too long ago he released a track called “Purple Emojis” and will be following up with an EP dropping in just a few weeks entitled, Late To The Party.

“Purple Emojis” is produced by Kyduh Music. The production here is top notch. It is comprised of: an airy foundation, glossy supporting details, and a provocative vibe. The hook is an expansion of the tone established by the instrumental. MNTRY comes through with suitable vocals and expressive lyrics. The verses are giving side piece scandal (lol). MNTRY puts forth appealing melodies and candid lyrics as he brings the listener into the risqué world that he shares with a certain lady. Things get juicy right out of the gate: “When we get together it’s magic. Yo sex is top shelf, above average. You say you gone leave that n—a. Know that you capping. But I ain’t mad at you baby. I’m not asking.” Talk your s–t then MNTRY (lol). All in all, this is a trendy record.

**My Two Cents: I dig the concept of “Purple Emojis.” I think MNTRY definitely gives listeners a good fun representation of the infamous devilish icon. And the production fits the R&B crooner’s style very nicely. However, I think to fully give the male R&B category back it’s glory, we need more classic old school style sanging with meaningful song themes. I know that MNTRY is more than capable. So I am looking forward to hearing what else Late To The Party has to offer. Guess we will find out on the 22nd. Can’t wait. -MinM

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