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Cardiac Da Pulse F/ Ferro Haze – “Family Ties”

by Miracle
“Family Ties” (Stream Here)

Cardiac Da Pulse decided to capitalize on his momentum and bless the masses with another single. This time around he switched things up a little bit and he tapped fellow talent Ferro Haze for the assist. The pair got together with DreamLife and created “Family Ties.” Time for some real talk y’all.

The production here is ideally put together. The low foundation, hearty musical components, passive rhythm, and sobering vibe set a gripping tone. The hook is valid. The delivery is sleek and the lyrics are charismatic. The verses are enlightening. Cardiac Da Pulse employs a personable flow, descriptive wordplay, and telling rhymes. He spills the tea on the harsh reality about the ones we call kinfolk. A little excerpt from his reality check includes: “You least expect fam to do you dirty. They will. Success brings feelings of unworthy. What? They think you flexing. You sharing your journey. Lord have mercy, heal ’em in a hurry.” That’s a very direct way to kick off the track. Ferro Haze gives his input at the end with an unique blend of vocal work. As a whole, this is a great thought provoking tune.

**My Two Cents: I think this is one of Cardiac’s best selections to date. Everything is well packaged and he really dug down deep for the content. Toxic family issues are a touchy subject but they definitely need to be addressed more. Especially within the African American community. I also love that Cardiac chose such a drastically different vibe from his previous release. It shows his range and willingness to step outside of the norm every once in a while. And this was my first time hearing Ferro Haze but hopefully not my last. He’s different, I like it. Readers need to go ahead and get this one in rotation asap. -MinM

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