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Cardiac Da Pulse F/ James Tatum – “Stars In The Ceiling”

by Miracle

Cardiac Da Pulse is going for a three peat. He dropped his third single of 2022 just days ago and it is receiving rave reviews already. It’s a collab with fellow artist James Tatum called “Stars In The Ceiling.” Tatum also serves as the track’s producer.

The production here is a dream. The rooted base, soulful musical ingredients, groovy tempo, and down to earth vibe create a charming mood. Gives almost a Neo-Soul type of energy. The hook is favorable as well. The vocals are of a grade A quality and the lyrics are polished. The verses are entertaining. Cardiac Da Pulse provides a self-assured flow, smooth wordplay, and notable rhymes. He paints a vivid auditory picture that oozes pure finesse and realness. Peep as he spits: “She the reason why they never speak. B—hes pressed like a new set every week. Her physique like Amber Rose in her peak. Unique French biddy, p—y magnifique.” One can not deny the player essence that is dripping from those bars right there. Overall, this is a very slick showing from Cardiac and Mr. Tatum.

**My Two Cents: Anyone who knows Cardiac Da Pulse in real life knows that he is the definition of laid-back, mellow, cool, etc. So the energy here on “Stars In The Ceiling” couldn’t be more authentic. I can definitely see why it’s getting so much love so early. James Tatum fits in perfectly. He nailed the production and his vocals are very appealing to the ear. This is another victory for Cardiac for sure. He hasn’t missed all year. And I know for a fact that there is some serious fire that has yet to be unleashed. Y’all better tap in now so that you don’t miss out later. -MinM

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