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Class M. F/ Boss Jay & DG III – “Your Honor”

by Miracle
“Your Honor” (Stream Here)

Class M. sent over the fourth release in his song campaign for the site to digest. It’s called “Your Honor” and it features fellow artists Boss Jay and DG III. DG III also serves as the producer for the single. Gotta respect an artist pulling double duty.

The production here is beasty. It consists of: an eclectic bass, urban musical ingredients, a casual rhythm, and a no non-sense vibe. The hook is hitting as well. The delivery is unique and the lyrics are sharp. The verses are top tier. Class M. takes on the first verse. Boss Jay puts on for Mississippi on the second verse. And DG III brings it all home on the third verse. The trio serve up exclusive flows, savvy wordplay, and nervy rhymes. They are giving savage energy and good luck to anyone trying to challenge them. Take note as Class M. spits: “Shorty find another one to handle you. You speak broke and that ain’t understandable. That’s why I’m never understanding you. Berry Gordy, rather f–k you than manage you. (…) I dress like I double my annual. King s–t, rule is tyrannical. Take over empires that’s what I plan to do.” Class M. took clean off with those bars right there. Really his whole verse is pure heat. Overall, this track is a serious banger.

**My Two Cents: I guess Class M. would just dominate our “Songs Of The Year” list because this joint would definitely be on it along with the previous single that was featured. Probably at the number one spot. The production is sick and all three artists slid on the verses. Class M. has definitely been one of the top artists of 2022 when it comes to quality and consistency. I hope there is a project brewing for 2023. Y’all go ahead and run up those plays. -MinM

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