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Class M. F/ Yo Shorti & DG III – “No Effort”

by Miracle
“No Effort” (Stream Here)

Class M. is a name that has been featured on the site off and on throughout the years. At the moment, he is in the midst of a song campaign that sees him dropping new material every month. Kind of a random exercise to keep him on his toes. The most recent of these is a single called “No Effort.” It features Yo Shorti & DG III and makes for the third release from the aforementioned campaign.

The production here is golden. The deep infrastructure, snazzy musical components, upbeat tempo, and club style vibe make for a perfect combination. The hook is well crafted too. The vocals are enthusiastic and the lyrics are flattering. The verses are of a premium nature. All three artists come with distinguished deliveries, cunning wordplay, and swagged out lyrics/rhymes. The trio hold nothing back as they address dealing with the opposite sex in a shooting your shot type of scenario. Class M. boasts: “On to the next, not likely. I can bet ya ex not like me. I stay off the scene. Keep my business low-key. Ain’t no b—h in these streets. And f–k like I’m nineteen.” Ladies, he’s giving big d energy (word to Latto) am I right? All in all, this track is fire and a Summer anthem for sure.

**My Two Cents: If this is Class M. when he’s just bored and trying to get some content out, I hate to see what happens when he gets serious (lol). “No Effort” is sure to turn up any event this season. These three artists truly understood the assignment. If it happens this year, I definitely will be running this back on our “Songs Of The Year” list. Not a bad thing to say about it. Go ahead and click that link. -MinM

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