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Kevin Gates -“Bad For Me” (Song & Video)

by Miracle
Khaza (Stream Here)

Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates is living his best life at the moment. He is currently set to embark on the Big Lyfe Tour (see sidebar). And he also just dropped his third studio album entitled Khaza. The LP was ushered in with a variety of singles and a very controversial freestyle. One of said singles is coined “Bad For Me.” It is the third drop from the collective and the visuals for the track were released about three weeks ago.

“Bad For Me” is produced by DJ Chose and P. Crisco. They definitely understood the assignment. The unrelenting bass, stylish musical components, infectious tempo, and suave vibe are pure auditory perfection. The hook is winning too. Kevin Gates gives a charming melodic delivery with memorable lyrics. The verses do not disappoint either. Gates shows out with his one of a kind flow, edgy wordplay, and telling rhymes. He takes the listener along for a ride as he details a dangerous love affair. Some standout lines include: “My plug daughter, guess we fell in love when we first met. Told me they gone kill me if I ever make her upset. Love being choked on her throat, having rough sex. Suck her toes, kiss her body, she ain’t had enough yet. Hair long, she exotic, we ain’t breaking up.” That’s one hell of an opener right there. All in all, this single is a beast.

The video for “Bad For Me” is directed by Echobend. The vision entails the rapper posted up at a nightclub looking very debonair while surrounded by beautiful ladies. Also, the viewer gets a little bedroom action of him and the baddie that’s causing him to risk it all. And there is a quick little glimpse of the pair cruising in luxury fashion. It’s a brief video but it brings the song to life effortlessly. Definitely a must watch.

**My Two Cents: Kevin Gates can’t miss lately in my book. I was feeling all of the releases leading up to Khaza. And that freestyle is something serious. But there is just something special about “Bad For Me.” The beat goes crazy and I love the female friendly side of Gates. The video gave exactly what it was supposed to give. I respect the fact that Gates didn’t go for some cliche cartel story-line that’s been done a million times before. He kept it simple and to the point. Are y’all feeling the track and visuals? If so, Kevin Gates is stopping thru the Mil in September as part of the Big Lyfe Tour. Check that sidebar for more details. -MinM

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