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Destinee Lynn – “Getting To It”

by Miracle

“Getting To It” (Stream Here)

Destinee Lynn has been cruising through the first half of the music quarter with a steady release of hits, shows, and more. Got to love a consistent artist. And this does seem to be the year for female talent. Among her latest drops is a quick track entitled, “Getting To It.” Continue reading to see why the site chose this song as our first posting for the 414 queen this quarter.

The production here is valid. The bass is strong, the various musical elements are flattering, the tempo is engaging, and the vibe has a good energy to it. The hook is nice as well. The delivery is full of personality and the lyrics are super catchy. There is only one verse present on this single. Hence the “quick” comment at the start of the post. The sole verse is clutch though. Destinee Lynn serves up her patented flow, A-1 wordplay, and outspoken rhymes. She’s never been shy about letting the world know that she is HER and this time around is no different. A highlight of which includes: “B—hes used to love to talk down. Now them h–s look up to me. I been making these h–s mad. Got B—hes all in they feelings. I ain’t even did s–t to these h–s. That’s why I be laid back, just chilling. Worried about me? Mind yo business.” One has to respect the boss energy that is pouring from those opening bars right there. As a whole, this is a pretty choice selection.

**My Two Cents: Destinee Lynn is a great addition to the females dominating the music game this year. “Getting To It” has all the makings of a perfect Summer anthem. The beat is on point, the lyrics are fun and easy, and the content is relatable. Ladies we got one! It’s been dope watching Lynn thrive with the best of ’em. I know she has another release coming later on this month. So be sure to keep up with that link at the beginning of the post. -MinM

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