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Female Takeover Showcase: 10 Year Gala

by Miracle

Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/femaletakeovershowcase

Important Info:

What: The 10 year anniversary of the infamous “Female Takeover” Showcase created by Kaylee Crossfire.

When: October 14, 2023 at 5pm

Where: Grace Center – 250 E Juneau Ave Milwaukee, WI 53202

Cost: Purchase Tickets Here

Why You Should Attend: 10 years in the entertainment industry is no small feat. Especially when it comes to the event game. But the one & only Kaylee Crossfire has managed to reach that impeccable milestone by way of her infamous “Female Takeover” Showcase. Over the years, the 414 veteran has created a platform that highlights youth and women in all aspects of creativity and entrepreneurship. From music to fashion to hair to dance to business, the “Female Takeover” Showcase has consistently displayed some of the most promising and talented individuals the city has to offer. And this year will be no different. In fact, Kaylee is kicking things up a notch by making the event a Black Tie Affair. Additionally, a portion of this year’s proceeds will go towards Milwaukee youth. 10 lucky recipients will get the chance to pursue their musical dreams by way of a scholarship to the Fueling Your Fire Music Academy, Fueling Your Fire Music Academy is another endeavor founded by Kaylee Crossfire. It’s a music program dedicated to helping youth develop their skills/talents through mentorship. Definitely a cause worth getting behind. Today’s youth need all of the positive opportunities that they can get. If all of that isn’t motivation enough to attend, the event is a great chance to network and show community support. Over the years, the event has brought hundreds of people together and undoubtedly resulted in wonderful relationships/ventures. If one is unable to attend but still would like to support or if you are just feeling extra generous, Kaylee is accepting donors/sponsors for the affair. Those interested can shoot an email to: femaletakeover10@gmail.com for more information. Mark those calendars, break out your lavish threads, and let’s help Kaylee and the ladies make their historical 10 year celebration a night to remember. -MinM

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