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Bili Ro$e – “Super Sayin”

by Miracle

Bili Ro$e (The Lost) sent over the third release off of his free upcoming album Paradise Lost not too long ago. The track is coined “Super Sayin” (word to the Anime heads out there, lol). It runs just over two minutes in length and it is produced by IamKBeatz. Continue reading to see if the third time is a charm for this latest release from the 414 talent.

The production here is of a head nod inducing quality for sure. It is made up of: a clean foundation, quirky rhythmical background elements, a colorful tempo, and a snazzy vibe. There is no hook present on this cut just a reference to the title towards the end. Though the absence of a hook doesn’t hurt the record, it would’ve been nice to break up the flow just a tad. The uninterrupted verse does not disappoint. Bili Ro$e comes thru with a metered flow, spry wordplay, and seemly rhymes. He channels his lyrical powers in a very effective way. A handful of lines worth remembering are: “With no more time to f–k around, it’s the f—kery I denounce. But luckily I announce that my hunger now on lion. He see his prey and he pounce. The image so profound. Never prey, I’m the hunter. Never turn into hassa. Get scarred when you don’t fly straight. King like Mufasa. Word to Frank with ambition like Tony. Won’t turn on pahtnah.” Those are some extremely gifted opening lines right there. The references are classic. All in all, this is a “super” offering.

**My Two Cents: I’m not too familiar with Anime but I think this song represents the Saiyan spirit of the Japanese animation culture well. The beat is great and the content is A1. Bili Ro$e really flexes his pen impressively. Very smart choice for release number three off of the pending aforementioned LP. Readers should start their weekend off right and give this a spin immediately. -MinM

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