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First Class – “Puer Reges” (Video Premiere)

by Miracle

The fellas of First Class (Skyy Phreshh & Scottie Phreshh) are currently on an one of a kind campaign to set the tone for the release of their new upcoming collective, Puer Reges. The project is scheduled to drop later on this month. To get their fans excited, the duo is rolling out the title track to the offering via freshly crafted visuals.

The track itself consists of a trendy instrumental with: a lightweight bass, refined supporting musical details, an engaging tempo, and a breezy vibe. The hook is of an adequate quality. The delivery is tuneful and the lyrics are solid. The verses are competent. The pair provide evident flows, favorable wordplay, and bold determined rhymes. They truly relay to the listener what being “young n—as on a mission,” is all about. Overall, this is a hit lead single.

The video is the collaborative work of CEO Peso and the fellas of First Class themselves. The flick opens with a phone call pertaining to what seems to be a classic case of a janky promoter trying to get over on an artist. The person orchestrating the phone call wasn’t going though. Skyy & Scottie come in to sit down with the person sharing his grievances and he slides them a piece of paper with an address on it before disappearing and continuing his call. The fellas are a little confused but they head to the address and the rest is pretty much history from there. The twosome proceed to put on a lively performance full of nothing but spirit and character while the gentleman from the beginning of the piece looks on from the sidelines. The vision winds down with the fellas concluding their routine and receiving some feedback. All in all, this is a very entertaining number.

**My Two Cents: First, gotta give a huge shout out to First Class for allowing The Illixer to be a part of their premiere campaign. That is love. Second, I gotta say that I dig “Puer Reges” as both a song & video. The song has a subtle catchiness to it and the video is just fun to watch. Good acting, great mannerisms, well packaged, the flick just delivers on all ends. Skyy & Scottie are seemingly about to bless the masses with yet another lit project and I am very much so looking forward to it. Be sure to peep the video and follow those links at the start of the post to catch the Puer Reges offering when it drops later on this month. -MinM

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