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Even at first listen, it’s obvious that New York rapper Dave East’s latest mixtape Paranoia 2 is worthy of the title it was given. It’s very much like you’re sitting in Dave East’s frantic mind and fading through his memories like a photo album. These memories work you through the “whys” of his apparent paranoia’s existence. His lyrics paint pictures that are almost photo-realistic and let you as a listener choose if this paranoia has a reason to exist in Dave’s head. Throughout the tape, he juggles the two mindsets of being haunted by different aspects of his rough past growing up in Harlem and the culture-shock of gaining immense popularity and fame through his rap career.

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The Hip-Hop community was shook up in a major way this morning when the news of rapper Shawty Lo‘s death began to make waves all over the internet. The Southern super-star was killed in a car crash at around 2am this morning. He was leaving Blue Flame Lounge after spending the night out with some friends.

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Even a broke clock is right twice a day. Today’s broke clock, ladies and gentlemen, is Azealia Banks.  Who is Azealia Banks? Azealia is a 23 year old Harlem rapper, who made a name for herself with the underground hit “212.” She is what we call an EDM rapper, a rapper who raps over House beats. She recently dropped her indie and critically acclaimed album debut Broke With Expensive Taste. So why am I calling her a broke clock? The reason why is because Azealia is more known for her Twitter beefs than her music. She seems to be always in the wrong, hence the broke clock analogy. But what did she get right? Easy. Iggy Azalea.