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Kaylee Crossfire – “How Many” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

It’s been some time since the site last caught up with Kaylee Crossfire. She has been making quite the name for herself within the Hip-Hop world. She’s been traveling and performing all across the US. She landed herself a spot on the Netflix competition series Rhythm & Flow (T.I., Cardi B, Chance the Rapper). She was named an artist to watch in 2020 by the Journal Sentinel. And she’s been nominated for a coveted WAMI Award.

Then of course, she’s been keeping a consistent stream of releases under her belt as well. The most recent of which  is a song/video coined “How Many.” “How Many” is a saucy NYC Bangers produced track. The beat packs a punch that will definitely have the listener feeling some kind of way. The hook boasts a cheeky battle of the sexes style back & forth. And utilizing her signature take charge demeanor for the verses, Kaylee Crossfire breaks down how both parties can get what they want out of a situation with no feelings involved. Kind of puts one in the mind set of the saying “a fair exchange is no robbery.” Overall, it’s an attention grabbing record for sure.

The video is directed by Champ Robinson. He and Kaylee have a strong history of bringing magic to the small screen when they get together. This time around is no different. The visuals for “How Many” are packed full of: eye candy (for both the ladies and the fellas), captivating dance moves, sweets, and an undeniable air of sensuality. It’s definitely a flick that the viewer will not soon forget after taking a peek. But words don’t really do it justice. Readers need to hit that play button asap and experience the vision for themselves.

**My Two Cents: Kaylee Crossfire has been killing it lately. We are super proud of her here at The Illixer. She is definitely putting on for the city and it’s only a matter of time before she’s dominating the big leagues too. Don’t wait until then to show her love though. Check out the link at the beginning of the post and be sure to share the video if you’re feeling it. -MinM

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