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J.D. The Chief F/ Mista Marcus & Yo Dot – “Hakeem”

by Miracle

“Hakeem” (Stream Here)

J.D. The Chief and Mista Marcus have been down with the site since practically day one. So it was very exciting when they sent over their collaboration with another local veteran, Yo Dot. It’s coined “Hakeem” and it is produced by Superstaar Beats. The tune stems from a game of 2K that didn’t turn out quite so favorably for J.D. (lol). With the NBA being so eventful at the moment, now seemed like a fitting time to share the record.

The production here is a hit. The spotless foundation, suave musical details, quirky rhythm, and street vibe fit effortlessly together. The hook is winning too. The delivery is easy to follow and the lyrics have character. The verses are solid. Mista Marcus tips off the song with the first verse, Yo Dot comes thru with the assist on the second verse, and J.D. goes in for the final lay-up on the third. The trio come with their own specialized flows, themed wordplay, and flashy rhymes. They do a good job of embodying the essence of the sport. A highlight from Mista Marcus includes: “So we shutting ’em up. Running it up. When they go against us they can’t hold us. Nice man when I recite man. George Gervin, iceman, I’m the coldest. Big dog amongst the kids on the hill. Pissed off, nobody cares how you feel. Ripped off what I did to the rim. Blowing diesel on these n—as like my name is Shaquille.” One has to give it up for the cleverness littered throughout those bars right there. As a whole, this is a fly selection and a reputable nod to the timeless sport.

**My Two Cents: J.D. The Chief does a grand job of turning a loss in one scenario into a full fledged win in another. I love the creativity displayed within the content on “Hakeem.” The fellas do a stand up job of playing up the basketball theme in a manner that will appeal to both sports and non-sports fans alike. The trio is hoping that the single catches the attention of the NBA for potential placement opportunities and such. So if readers are digging it, they are encouraged to tag and share accordingly. J.D. promises that this is just the beginning for him musically this year. So be sure to keep an eye on the links at the start of the post as well. -MinM

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