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Quise Picasso – “Anybody Can Get It”

by Miracle

Milwaukee rapper Quise Picasso is gearing up for a new release. He’s about to drop Frank Costello 2. He describes it as his return to a more Gangsta sound. He hit up the site to share the first single off of the upcoming project. The single is called “Anybody Can Get It” and it features production from Uno OnTha Beatz.

The production here is tough. The dense foundation, gritty musical elements, creeping tempo, and hardcore vibe make for a standout combination. The hook is to the point. The delivery is dominant and the lyrics are self-explanatory. The verses are satisfactory. Quise Picasso delivers a biting flow, explicit wordplay, and serious rhymes. He does a noteworthy job of re-introducing his hood persona to the listener. He slices through the first verse with lines like: “Blue flags everywhere but we are not Cripping. And for these guys I’ll body something. Gangland style, John Gotti something. B—h I’m God to a lot of y’all. Dummy with a drummie, I ain’t got it all. And I dare a n—a test that. That’s on the fam. Where he stand, he’ll rest at.” There is no denying the menacing nature of those bars right there. As a whole, Quise knocked his goal out of the park with this one.

**My Two Cents: I love a good Gangsta Rap track on occasion. The party/sexy joints are cool. But sometimes you just need that rawness. And Quise Picasso definitely delivers that plus some with “Anybody Can Get It.” The production fits the tone of the selection with ease and the content lays everything out with no frills. If this is what’s to come from Frank Costello 2, the standard for the more street style of the genre is definitely being taken to a new level. Show some love and check out the single asap. -MinM

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