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Horus Gump – “A Don After Dusk” (Press Release)

by Miracle

Southern Highflier Horus Gump Set to Release Major Single “A Don After Dusk”

Release Date: Gumpday, March 25

Label: Audible Hustle Entertainment

Influences: Jay-Z, T.I., Big KRIT and B.B. King

More Info: AudibleHustle.com

It’s almost Gumpday. He’s the man who breathes the grind, and lives by the laws of the hustle – 

Horus Gump, an Atlanta based highflier and southern hip-hop alchemist, fires up to release his highly anticipated single ”A Don After Dusk,“ following his sought-after hip hop anthems ”Bubble Up“ and ”No Politickin’.“

Audible Hustle Entertainment presents ”A Don After Dusk,“ the essential hustler libretto, which sees a next-level Horus Gump ever-resilient in his feat to continually ascend. “Inviting you to fly with the realest, my peers peep higher views. Elevate when I legislate, never late, I swear God is great, meditate at the heaven’s gates,” says Horus, imparting the life of a true visionary – a peddle only few know how to push. Horus is fearless in his pursuit to lyricize the deep conversations that only survivors know how to write.

On the come-up from a poverty-stricken hometown in Blackbelt, Alabama, to inflicting his pain into stories of survival, spitting inimitable bars and defiant keys; a tenacity emanating from his many years in the military serving across Iran, Abu Dhabi, and Turkey – Horus Gump is undoubtedly, a one-of-a-kind Hip-Hop artist that veracious listeners are sure to feel. 

”My goal is to put in enough work to reach heights I never thought were possible. Through resiliency we find refinement, so I figure the harder I push, the longer I outlast the obstacles put before me, the quicker I reach my best form.“




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