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Illuminati Roundtable: Azealia Banks This, Iggy Azalea That

by Pooh Bailey

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Even a broke clock is right twice a day. Today’s broke clock, ladies and gentlemen, is Azealia Banks.  Who is Azealia Banks? Azealia is a 23 year old Harlem rapper, who made a name for herself with the underground hit “212.” She is what we call an EDM rapper, a rapper who raps over House beats. She recently dropped her indie and critically acclaimed album debut Broke With Expensive Taste. So why am I calling her a broke clock? The reason why is because Azealia is more known for her Twitter beefs than her music. She seems to be always in the wrong, hence the broke clock analogy. But what did she get right? Easy. Iggy Azalea.

A little history on the Banks/Iggy feud. It started after Iggy said: “When the relay starts, I’m a runaway-slave master;” in her song “DRUGS.” Basically a White woman calling herself a slave-master had Banks questioning Iggy. I mean Hip-Hop is mostly (for the time being) a Black and Hispanic genre. So a White woman saying that gets a huge, Wait. Then T.I. jumps in to play Captain Save a Rapper. Then there’s a bunch of back and forth. Skip to a week ago (caught a body bout a week ago), Banks again questioned and dissed Iggy on her lack of involvement with what’s going on with police brutality and Black lives. Check it out:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFDS-VEEl6w&w=677&h=381]

Iggy responded by ignoring what Banks had to say and making comments that had nothing to do with the latter. Well here comes Q-Tip, to give Iggy a beautiful history lesson. And of course Iggy responded by well, shutting up.

So here’s the thing. Hate her or love her, Banks gave valid point after valid point. To quote Paul Mooney, “Everybody wanna be a n—-, but nobody wanna be a n—-.” Iggy Azalea is doing her best ‘Black girl’ impression. I’m all for acceptance of one’s culture but she is mocking it. She switched her accent to sound like she’s from Memphis. She injected her hind parts to give off the ethnic hind parts. She has done this and more but is mum on real issues from a community that she is emulating. Now don’t get me wrong, I could care less if a celebrity speaks out about social issues. My gripe is that when asked about it, don’t ignore it or brush it off. No we don’t need you to march (would be nice though), but we’d love it, if when asked about it, you’d act like you care. I mean you ARE a part of this culture, right? Why can’t you, send off a tweet that would prove Azealia wrong?

A simple, #BlackLivesMatter tweet, would have Banks looking like she was just looking for attention. But you didn’t. You mocked Azealia Banks for crying and caring about the very culture you’re trying to be a part of. And no, T.I. can’t call us and ask us to make nice with you. But I do hope that after you read that history lesson that Q-Tip gave, that you would Google the history of Hip-Hop. It seems that you have no idea and I can’t help you. Rather I refuse to help you.

Yes, Azealia Banks can be a headache with some dope music but I will give her props here for sticking up for what she believes in. In what we all should believe in and that’s the rape of a culture (I’ll write about that another time). So to the Iggys and the Iggys alike remember that Hip-Hop is more than just some spins on the radio, it’s a culture. “Like a black widow, baby.” -Pooh Bailey

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