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Cezar – “Luciano” [CezMix] (Promo Video)

by Miracle

Luciano-Final(Photo By Cezar)

“Luciano” (listen/download)

“Luciano” (previous review)

Determined to end the 4th quarter with the biggest bang possible, Cezar (Check Chasers Mafia) made an extremely boss move to bring to life his latest CezMix, “Luciano.” He partnered up with Team Red Eye and Kabron Clothing, both imprints headed up by familiar site associate Joey Dee. Kabron Clothing is an Urban apparel company that Joey Dee has been flooding the Mil with for quite some time now. They have very dope pieces and have become a staple for the who’s who in the indie music scene. Readers can check out their official website here.

In true Cezar fashion, he didn’t want to give away too much all at once. Especially with his Heavy Hu$tle mixtape about to break the net today. So he and his team decided to give the site the promo trailer for the upcoming visuals to “Luciano” as a sample of things to come. It’s just shy of a minute in length but gives the viewer a lot to absorb. It has a strong dramatic cinema feel to it and the shot snippets just ooze classic hood story in the making. One thing that is revealed in the brief work is that DJ Trill Will is going to be making a cameo appearance. This is definitely an exceptional way to set the tone for the upcoming video. Overall, the promotional effort is worthy of a play or two for sure.

photo.php(Photo By Joey Dee)

**My Two Cents: Joey Dee is still one of my favorites behind the camera. So I was super excited to find out that Cezar and DJ Trill were working with him on a video. I think “Luciano” is a hot track to bring to the small screen. And I also dig the Kabron Clothing brand. Their shirt selection is fly and I will soon be in the position to cop a few, can’t wait. The promo trailer is short yet effective. It gave me a throwback vibe of like when rappers were putting out their own flicks (I’m Bout It, State Property, etc.). So I’m definitely on pins and needles for the full length video. Mad props to all of the parties involved. On another note as previously mentioned, Heavy Hu$tle drops today. So be sure to keep up with Cezar on Facebook (see above) so that you don’t miss out. -MinM

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