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Genesis Renji – Young Casanova: Finding HER (EP Review)

by Miracle

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Genesis Renji hit his supporters with a nice surprise while at the same time introducing his alter ego to the world. He dropped an unexpected EP titled Young Casanova: Finding HER. The collective is produced entirely by this year’s Mil-Town Beatdown winner Mike Regal (previously known on the site as Jay Regal). The pair crafted an eight track collective that features names such as Dee Phr3sh, Oshi, and Emmitt James. Given what is known of Genesis Renji and given the sparkling reputation of those involved, the project has all the makings of pure gold. Find out what kind of an impression Young Casanova makes on The Illixer after the break.

“Casanova’s Coronation” F/ Oshi

The production here is low-pressure. The full bass, groovy background elements, super mellow tempo, and carefree vibe make for an idealistic pairing. The hook is choice. Oshi fits in well with the cultivated delivery and the lyrics are plain spoken. The verses are favorable. Young Casanova utilizes a marked flow, showy wordplay, and self-assured rhymes. He acknowledges his crowning with nothing but confidence and finesse. A couple of standout lines include: “Slightly limping in my pimping. I just walk like this. Alabama in my grammar. I just talk like this. I was born in Suburbia where n—as never heard of it. Moved to that jungle where they punching bricks. Punching bricks, punching fists, bloody knuckles, Bloody Mary. In the mirror. On the counter. Drink it til your vision varies. Is you lifted? Is you lifted? Body shaking, soul shifted.” Those words right there paint a snazzy image of the young king in an unique fashion. Overall, this is a fine selection and a smart way to kick off the EP.


The production here is on point. The deep set foundation, eclectic supporting components, unhurried rhythm, and expressive vibe are a top notch match up. The hook is of grade A quality. The melodic delivery is refreshing and the lyrics are solid. The verses are suitable. Young Casanova disperses a consistent flow, emotional wordplay, and revelatory rhymes. He imparts details of a turbulent romantic situation that he’s involved in with a being simply referred to as HER. A highlight from his disclosure includes: “I get jealous. Envious when I see HER. Don’t know if I need HER. But I know I need HER energy. I know that she into me. I mean she told me. Not directly but HER has spoken. Her body language fluent. (…) Up and down, this s–t just ride with the motions of audio waves. I’m a slave to everything HER say. Like give me love and affection.” That is a powerful connection being depicted right there. Would be a compelling ode to an actual significant other or to maybe music itself. All in all, this is an awesome track.

“London’s Intervention” F/ Emmitt James

A song featuring two of the local music scene’s most unique, stimulating, and talented artists was a must review. This is the final single on the collective. The production here is engaging. The unorthodox infrastructure, compatible musical ingredients, quirky gait, and jazzy vibe fit securely together. The hook is enjoyable. The delivery is smooth and the lyrics are gratifying. The verses are captivating. Young Casanova gives up a personality driven flow, descriptive wordplay, and intriguing rhymes. Emmitt James makes his presence felt in the midst of the record via a brief yet very creatively delivered voice-mail. He comes with his trademark flow, valid wordplay, and rhymes filled with sound advice. He nailed his guest appearance for sure. The fellas take the listener through another troubled love scenario. This time around the problems are seemingly that of a sensual nature. Peep as Young Casanova spits: “Start texting, late regretting, giving physical confessions. Skin caressing, muscle flexing, sex is your favorite weapon. You killing me. Don’t you know that you killing me? I just want you here with me. Know you feeling my energy. But I guess this was meant to be. Fall in love for a blink. Hate each other for centuries. Fighting before the rain. Make up under the clouds. Hurricanes roll slow while your lust pouring down.” One has to recognize the flawless display of artistry within those lines right there. As a whole, this is an intense offering and a stellar ending for the album.

youngcasanova(back cover art)

**My Two Cents: I’m a serious fan of Genesis Renji and his music. So I was excited to see him not only releasing a new project but also unveiling a different side of himself. I think Young Casanova makes for a prime equal. Young Casanova: Finding HER is a great work. The sound is premium. Mike Regal truly comes through with beats that sit perfectly with the style of the artist. Genesis presents his other half effortlessly. His flow, wordplay, and rhymes are all air tight. His goal was to take the listener on an easygoing journey of love, lust, and living. He does just that, owning every minute of it. And the few guest artists that appear hold up nicely. If you don’t have this in your personal catalog you are certainly missing out. So get to downloading. -MinM

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