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It is officially Scorpio season! And one of the site’s long time affiliates decided to celebrate his zodiac sign and golden birthday by blessing his fans with a brand new project. Rue The Poet ended his quiet streak at the end of last month with the release of a five track EP titled Ns8: The Modern Elect. The collective is entirely produced by another great 414 talent who goes by the name of Mike Regal. He and Rue have a long standing history of putting together dope offerings. So did the pair strike gold again this time around? Check out The Illixer‘s thoughts after the break.

“Y.G.B.Y. (You Gotta Be You)” / “Ruezophrenia” (Previous Reviews)

Four years ago this month, the site came across a young Milwaukee talent by the name of Rue The Poet. He struck a chord as one to watch and over the years he has not disappointed. The site has gotten the joy of listening as he grew in his penmanship and experimented with different sounds,  ultimately carving out his own unique lane in the Hip-Hop game.  And now we the have honor of helping him break his long awaited debut project, Creative Space & Other Stuff. The nine track offering contains guest appearances by Abby Jeane Rebel Love and Yo Shorti. Additionally, it is produced by the infamous Mike Regal with some light input from Sofa King. Continue reading after the break to find out how The Illixer feels about Rue’s official introduction to the musical world.

Cinco DWMD art-04(Photo By Sound Cloud)

What happens when Keith Haring meets Tim Burton meets Underground Midwest Hip-Hop? You don’t know? Well you’re about to find out by diving into the last year of Milwaukee artist Cinco’s life. His struggles and acceptance of the fact that when it comes to personal demons, if you can’t beat them, you join them. Dancing with My Demons is a five track EP, that reflects on what it’s like when an individual discovers and ultimately learns to live with their own personal demons. With all of the contributors to the project hailing from Wisconsin, it’s a home-grown effort that Cinco and his team are very proud of. See if they have a reason to be after the break.

E8D08D31-AA2A-463F-8D65-9DCBC10421CA(Photo By Michael Wessel)

“Irrationale” (previous review)

“Rolling Stoned” (previous review)

“Provide” (previous review)

“Light Poles” (previous review)

Milwaukee up-and-comer Sean Smart officially dropped his self-titled debut a little while back. The 13 track collective includes four songs that were previously reviewed on the site (see above) along with a nice assortment of guest artists and producers. Continue reading to see how the tape sits overall with The Illixer.

207F98DF-33EB-44B4-B38B-7073C8238292(Photos By Michael Wessel)

Striking Milwaukee Hip-Hop artist Sean Smart has undergone a slight career change since he was last featured on the site. He’s decided to go solo and is currently hard at work on his first official individual release. It is slated to be a self-titled mixtape and will hopefully hit the airwaves sometime this coming Fall. The first single off of the project debuted on DJBooth.net yesterday (8/19). It is dubbed “Irrationale” and it features another well known 414 name, Mike Regal. CAMEone serves as the producer of the record.