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Cinco – Dancing With My Demons (EP Review)

by Pooh Bailey

Cinco DWMD art-04(Photo By Sound Cloud)

What happens when Keith Haring meets Tim Burton meets Underground Midwest Hip-Hop? You don’t know? Well you’re about to find out by diving into the last year of Milwaukee artist Cinco’s life. His struggles and acceptance of the fact that when it comes to personal demons, if you can’t beat them, you join them. Dancing with My Demons is a five track EP, that reflects on what it’s like when an individual discovers and ultimately learns to live with their own personal demons. With all of the contributors to the project hailing from Wisconsin, it’s a home-grown effort that Cinco and his team are very proud of. See if they have a reason to be after the break.

“Journey” (Produced By M3 Productions)

This song reminds me of a leftover single from the 8 Mile movie soundtrack. It’s cool but sounds very dated. Like it has a very dope message but you get a little bored and don’t catch it.

“Gotham” F/ CDS & Mozaic (Produced By Mike Regal)

When I think of Gotham, it wouldn’t be this song. However, I really dig this song. Reminds me of Man On The Moon I & II by Kid Cudi. CDS and Mozaic both did their thing. I’m actually looking forward to their project.

“Gypsy Heart” (Produced By Ben Allen)

Cinco’s story-telling here is really nice. It’s not overly dramatic and very relatable. Ben Allen does great job on the boards.

“Dancing With My Demons” F/ Abe Stewart (Produced By Miguel Diaz)

This is the title track and it’s the best track on this EP. From Diaz on the boards, to Abe on the hook, and Cinco’s flow, this song has all the right elements to make the perfect track.

“Crickets” (Produced By Divine)

So the production on this track is superb. That’s about it. Cinco could’ve done so much more with this track but it sounds like he just played it safe.

Dancing With My Demons sounds like you’re dancing with your demons at a rave with no drug paraphernalia in sight. It has its moments (“Gotham” and the title track), but it’s nothing I would remember after a few listens. Luckily, this is just an EP and maybe Cinco is just throwing tracks out there to see what sticks. So if you want to dance with Cinco and his demons, be my guest. Just don’t be surprised if in the middle of dancing, those same demons ask you if you would like to boost your credit score. –Pooh Bailey

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