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Marcus & Mikias Q&A (Life + Music =)

by Miracle

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Marcus & Mikias are twin graphic designers with an extremely unorthodox style. Representing for the city of Atlanta, the duo have been creating together for quite some time now. They credit Anime as their inspiration for becoming so heavily involved with the world of art. Their work is known for being bright, colorful, and unusual with a bit of regal symbolism thrown into the mix. They pride themselves on bringing a revitalizing spin to imagery that would otherwise be seen as nothing special. The pair operate under the imprint of Illustraight Designs. Recently, Life + Music = got a chance to pick the twins’ minds for a brief interview. Check it out below.

Life + Music =: What would you consider your style of art?

Marcus & Mikias: Our style is a little hard to explain. We like to try new things and use influences from art we’ve loved growing up. If anyone thinks of a good name for it let us know :).

L+M=: Where do you see your brand in five years?

M&M: Hard to say since we’ve only been doing this for a couple months. But in the future we would both like to improve our skills and have a lot more to offer to everyone. We are also looking into clothing and will have stickers for sale very soon.

L+M=: What are some of your goals as artists?

M&M: We share the same goals as artists. Ultimately, we strive to better our work and grow everyday. We also aspire to spark creativity in others and urge people to tap into their artistic sides. People often choose the safe route, career-wise, and miss out on what could be a great profession all due to the fear of failing. Being an artist is equally tough as it is rewarding. If we can inspire people to give their creativity a real chance, then we will feel more than accomplished.

L+M=: If you could give your art style a name what would it be?

M&M: Illustraightions 😉

L+M=: What does life plus music equal to you?

M&M: Jamming

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Life + Music (Art) = Marcus & Mikias


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