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Mad Static – Son Of Cynthia (EP Review)

by Miracle
Son Of Cynthia (Stream Here)

Mad Static is a Milwaukee veteran artist that the site has always tried to stay tapped into over the years. His unique style, passion for music, and just overall good nature has kept him well respected in the game and a fan favorite. Dropping music kind of sporadically as of late, the 414 talent graced his supporters with a short project earlier this year. It is labeled Son Of Cynthia, a nod to the rapper’s mother (Doesn’t the cover just warm your heart?). The EP contains 4 tracks total and it is produced by the one and only Mike Regal.


The production here is rich. The full base, flavorful musical elements, catchy rhythm, and refreshing vibe pair up wonderfully together. The hook is enjoyable. Th delivery is strong and clear. The lyrics have a sense of familiarity to them. The verses are top notch. Mad Static hits the mic with a take-charge flow, choice wordplay, and personal rhymes. He does a lot of reflecting over where things were in his life vs where they currently stand. He shares: “And in that time while the world kept spinning, I’m wasting minutes and seconds trying to fit in. Are you kidding?! I got hardly a circle. It’s now an oval. No more of these actors just pretending they know you.” Awesome to experience Static’s changes for the better. Overall, this is an excellent way to kick off the project.


The production here is sleek. The subdued foundation, eclectic supporting details, slightly bouncy rhythm, and daunting vibe make for a likable fusion. The hook is dope. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are real. The verses are valid. Static comes with an expressive flow, fitting wordplay, and businesslike rhymes. He’s in his bag and talking his s–t. And we love it. Peep as he spits: “Repping that 414. My home is far from perfect. Underneath the surface we see promise. We see purpose. Not everybody will get to the top. Round here is the cream of the crop. Keeping my mind in tact, so me and Rap it’s like a key to the lock “ One has to appreciate the keen nature of those bars right there. As a whole, this track is a beast.

**My Two Cents: So these two songs I feel highlight the various sides of Mad Static as an artist really well. He’s conscious/positive/aware but also can turn up with the best of them. I definitely dig the two remaining tracks on Son Of Cynthia too though. “Roots” just gives classic old school Hip-Hop feels. And “Just Say When” is a sweet creative dedication to his love. The EP is a well rounded showing from Static and I am glad he decided to share it with the world. Definitely one of the most consistent artists in the business and a continuous favorite. I know Mama Static is bursting with pride. -MinM

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