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Baby Montana F/ Doughty – “Get It Raw” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

So Baby Montana is a new face and name to the Milwaukee music scene. He is quickly making a name for himself and is sure to be a household name in no time. Especially for those who fancy the Drill style of Hip-Hop music. The Illixer received the fresh talent’s latest release, a song/video called “Get It Raw” that features MB4L member Doughty.

The production here is decent. It consists of: a booming bass, modest background details, a speedy tempo, and a tense vibe. The hook is super catchy. The delivery is full of life and the lyrics are to the point. The verses are fair. Both artists offer up noticeable flows, adequate wordplay, and serious rhymes. They let it be known that they are not to be played with in the streets or when it comes to dealings with-in the music industry. Keep it independent please. All in all, this is an efficient track.

The video is directed by Lew Wutitdew. The concept is easy to follow. It basically just centers around the fellas posted up and kicking it in various locations. The guys come with personality driven performances which make for an interesting viewing. Overall, it’s a proper visual representation of the single.

**My Two Cents: Drill style music is not typically my thing. However, I can kind of dig what Baby Montana is putting down. I like his flow and I can respect him not quite trusting the music industry. The video is cool too. Could’ve been just a little more adventurous with the concept though. I’m curious to see what else Baby Montana has in store. He’s off to a reasonable start for sure. Will definitely be keeping an eye on him. -MinM

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