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Blaze – “Wat It Iz”

by Miracle
“Wat It Iz” (Stream Here)

Blaze is a multi-talented individual who hails from Phoenix, AZ. He is a rapper, writer, producer, and label owner. He has been in the music game since 2014. He has gone on to release a ton of well received material over the years and has also seen his fair share of the spotlight. The Illixer was recently put on to the Have Notz artist courtesy of his latest offering, a single dubbed “Wat It Iz.”

The production here is nice. The level foundation, fine supporting details, medium paced rhythm, and rugged vibe make for a worthwhile mixture. The hook is up to par. The delivery is not bad but could’ve done without the melodic portion. And the lyrics are tough but the part that repeats at the end isn’t necessary. The verses are efficient. Blaze serves up a crisp flow, adequate wordplay, and transparent rhymes. He illustrates his raw perception of life in a way that a lot of people are sure to connect with. He’s definitely giving a voice of hood type of energy. As a whole, this is a legit record.

**My Two Cents: Blaze made a good first impression on me. I like his style and “Wat It Iz” hits pretty favorably. Just some minor tweaking on the hook and the song would land even stronger. But he’s definitely putting on for the Arizona music scene. I think readers will enjoy Blaze too. So go ahead and give the track a spin. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section. -MinM

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