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Rue The Poet – Creative Space & Other Stuff (EP Review)

by Miracle

“Y.G.B.Y. (You Gotta Be You)” / “Ruezophrenia” (Previous Reviews)

Four years ago this month, the site came across a young Milwaukee talent by the name of Rue The Poet. He struck a chord as one to watch and over the years he has not disappointed. The site has gotten the joy of listening as he grew in his penmanship and experimented with different sounds,  ultimately carving out his own unique lane in the Hip-Hop game.  And now we the have honor of helping him break his long awaited debut project, Creative Space & Other Stuff. The nine track offering contains guest appearances by Abby Jeane Rebel Love and Yo Shorti. Additionally, it is produced by the infamous Mike Regal with some light input from Sofa King. Continue reading after the break to find out how The Illixer feels about Rue’s official introduction to the musical world.

“Mista Nice To Meet Ya (Intro)”

The production here is likable. The level base, eclectic background ingredients, jazzy tempo, and relaxed vibe fuse together well. There is no hook featured on this record. Which is actually something that is played on towards the ending. One isn’t a necessity but a little break here & there to give the listener time to truly absorb the lyrics would’ve been nice. The extended verse is valid though. Rue comes through with a multifaceted flow, skilled wordplay, and memorable rhymes. He does a bang up job of ensuring that the first full length track on the album sets a very pointed tone. A couple of rewind worthy lines include: ” It’s just a right of passage. Don’t take it personal. No rehearsal. I am just a savage. You can’t manage the damage. You just a mannequin standing. Bombing yo jet before landing. Y’all wait like all day my n—a. Who gives a f–k what you planning? I just might bring you a planet.” One has to appreciate the bold abstract nature of those opening bars right there. All in all, this is a commendable way to get the ball rolling.

“Bride Of The Night”

The production here is plush. The deep foundation, dreamy musical elements, middling tempo, and zoned out vibe make for a real auditory treat. The hook is smooth. The delivery is clean and the lyrics are engaging. The verses are satisfactory. Rue employs a personable flow, inventive wordplay, and story-telling style rhymes. He takes the listener through some of the complexities of a special lady that he’s encountered. An excerpt from his narrative is as follows: “Now I don’t wanna put a rush on it. And who am I to put a cuff on it? I could never get you all the diamonds you wanted. Look at all these men that you taunting. You find the dividends more important. It’s all about the ‘S’ when ya courting. Baby out a line just to make a dollar sign before the morning. Just to say you had it to afford it. European hair straight imported. Now you feeling gorgeous. But don’t forget about the inner you. Giving pieces of yourself like an interview.” Those words right there paint quite the vivid imagery. Overall, this is a cleverly done piece as well as a site favorite.

“Coffee Talks (Flow Wit It)”

The production here is pleasing to the ears. The consistent infrastructure, instrument driven supporting details, breezy rhythm, and down to earth vibe result in a charming combination. The hook is A1. The delivery is versatile and the lyrics are catchy as well as straightforward. The verses are of a reputable quality. Rue The Poet laces the cut with a customary flow, quick wordplay, and thorough rhymes. He cycles through a variety of life scenarios, imparting his one of a kind perspective along the way. A snippet from his reflecting includes: “Nothing ever stays the same fam. I remember back in the days man. We was back in the dark like cave men. Trying to make plans, escaping this wasteland. Forbidden fruit tasting. Look what I’m facing. Most of my homies I swear are no longer adjacent.” There is definitely a gripping essence within those words right there that instantly gets the listener’s attention. As a whole, this record is a gem.

Honorable Mention: “What – A – Day”

The vocals and the guitar on this selection are freaking crazy. They really bring the song to life. What makes them most impressive is that they are the work of Rue himself and another local talent Mammyth. The fellas show off some serious skills that not too many people know about. Listeners are sure to be pleasantly surprised. The content and style are pretty dope as well.

**My Two Cents: Creative Space & Other Stuff is a strong debut by Rue The Poet. He demonstrates a maturity lyrically and he certainly knew what he was doing when teaming up with Mike Regal and Sofa King for the production. The beats are flawless and match Rue’s style really well. And he achieved his goal of sharing more about himself with the world via the different interludes throughout the project. So good job all around.

I do have a couple of suggestions though. One would be Rue switching up his approach on occasion. I love a good lyrical artist but it’s okay to just have fun and relax a bit on the metaphors, complexity, etc. Gotta work in a little something for those who like their music on the simpler side. The other suggestion would be experimenting more with different beat styles. It would be awesome to hear what Rue can do with something completely unorthodox or outside of his comfort zone. He gave it a good go with “What – A – Day” but I’d like to hear more. I think it would be a nice challenge for him and I know he has the ability to kill it. These points aren’t to take away anything from the EP though just to promote growth. The EP is definitely worth listening to and I believe readers should give it an ear when they have a chance. If readers do like it, it will be available for purchase via all online music retailers on the 13th of this month. So keep an eye on Rue’s page (see above). -MinM

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