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Rue The Poet – Ns8: The Modern Elect (EP Review)

by Miracle

It is officially Scorpio season! And one of the site’s long time affiliates decided to celebrate his zodiac sign and golden birthday by blessing his fans with a brand new project. Rue The Poet ended his quiet streak at the end of last month with the release of a five track EP titled Ns8: The Modern Elect. The collective is entirely produced by another great 414 talent who goes by the name of Mike Regal. He and Rue have a long standing history of putting together dope offerings. So did the pair strike gold again this time around? Check out The Illixer‘s thoughts after the break.

“Studio Five 4”

The production here is inviting. The hearty bass, spirited supporting details, upbeat tempo, and playful vibe make for an attractive combination. The hook is refreshing. The melodic delivery is very easy on the ears and the lyrics are likable. The verses are on point. Rue The Poet enlists a quick light flow, themed wordplay, and complimentary rhymes. He gives the listener a glimpse of what happens when he decides to let his hair down and have a good time. An excerpt from his tale of living it up includes: “You know Rue got the boogie since I’m hanging with the most high. Just shed the light. Tell the truth where the most lie. We gone float by fresh as a bow-tie. All white suits but I did it for the culture. Mix word with the party like a good drink. Love on the chain. Let it shine like a good link.” One can just feel the positive energy floating off of those lines right there. As a whole, this track is definitely a site favorite and a side of Rue that we don’t get to experience too often. A pleasurable change of pace for sure.

“Know Me 2 Love Me”

This track is the lead single off of the EP as it was leaked early on to initiate the promo for the project. The production here is crisp. The level foundation, soulful musical components, middling rhythm, and down to earth vibe mesh up finely together. The hook is solid. The delivery is savvy and the lyrics are honest. The verses are legit. Rue The Poet serves up a grounded flow, thoughtful wordplay, and personalized rhymes. He guides the listener through his various struggles in order to allow them the chance to get better acquainted with him as an individual. Take note as he spits: “Man I’m too tired of feelings. Could you just leave me alone? So many days and so many ways, I’ve been thru so much on my own. I could expect you to change but I honestly know that you won’t. Playing with Trump like a Hillary. You are the misery killing the vote.” Those lines right there provide a clever and relatable ending to the track. All in all, this is a choice and brave selection. It’s never easy to expose yourself to others.

**My Two Cents: These two records best embody the premise of Ns8: The Modern Elect, in my opinion. There is Rue stepping outside of his box a little and trying new things. Then there is classic Rue with his pointed message and intellectual persona. Regardless of the packaging, the Milwaukee emcee continues to enlighten and captivate his audience. Which will make the discovery of the remaining three tracks a real treat. I dig this quick showing from Rue and truly believe if he continues to grow and expand his palate, the future possibilities for his career truly are infinite. -MinM

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