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Cezar is back with the anticipated video for his single, “Cold.” As I stated here, I love the song. As for the video, meh. Now I hate when a video is too literal but I also hate it when it doesn’t match the song. I get what he was trying to do but it could’ve been executed better.


To evolve is to develop gradually. As an artist, you’re expected to evolve. However, many artists stick to a simple formula and push out the same product, time and time again. Hence, never evolving. But that’s not the case for Milwaukee’s own, Cezar. I’ll admit that his previous work would’ve fallen into the non-evolving category. But somebody must have warned Cezar about falling into that trap because this is by far one of his best tracks.

Cezar_Free_Dope-front-large(Photo By Dat Piff)

“Lion” (previous review)

Cezar (Check Chasers Mafia) officially unleashed his latest mixtape Free Dope a couple of weeks ago. The 12 track collective is meant to tide his supporters over until he drops his next major project. The tape doesn’t contain too many guest features and sees the 414 spitter experimenting with different styles to demonstrate his range. See what kind of high The Illixer gets off of the new offering after the break.

Cezar_Heavy_Hustle-front-large(Photo By Dat Piff)

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“Road 2 Riches” (previous review)

Cezar has gone above and beyond to build up the anticipation for his latest project Heavy Hu$tle. It was officially released a week ago today. It is hosted by DJ Trill Will and it contains production from some of the dopest beat makers in the game such as: Jay Thomas Beats, Bizness Boi, and Marxmill just to name a few. There are also some standout guest appearances from familiar names like Rich P. and Kia Rap Princess. The 16 track collective is rumored to be some of Cezar’s most thorough and valid work to date. Find out if that holds true after the break.