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Cezar – “Cold”

by Pooh Bailey


To evolve is to develop gradually. As an artist, you’re expected to evolve. However, many artists stick to a simple formula and push out the same product, time and time again. Hence, never evolving. But that’s not the case for Milwaukee’s own, Cezar. I’ll admit that his previous work would’ve fallen into the non-evolving category. But somebody must have warned Cezar about falling into that trap because this is by far one of his best tracks.

“Cold,” produced by Lil Medic, gives us a real glimpse of who Cezar really is. This isn’t no ‘I’m better than you just look at my money’ kind of song. Nope. It is, in the words of Cezar, “Ain’t this what you wanted. A n—a that’s honest. Man I get money but I ain’t no baller.Man lets keep it one. The way he flows on this track is something poetic. Cezar has really come into his own. And lets not forget the wonderful work of Lil Medic. The production was very throwback of a 1990s crime movie. It’s very melodic and a story builder. The way he set the beat up is like Cezar is walking us through the climax of his movie. I really believe you should make room on your iPod for this track. “Cold” is the track you need to hear, when you need to hear a dose of reality. And as Cezar continues to evolve, his music is only getting better. Lets see if he can keep this winning streak up. -Pooh Bailey

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