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Young Lyric – “On Fleek” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

On Fleek 1600 x 1600(Photo By Bad Akktor Records)

Young Lyric is part of a new selection of youthful artists that have been getting a bit of extra attention as of late, thanks to Jermaine Dupri and his reality television series The Rap Game. The show entails him putting a group of young artists & their managers to the test to see who has that it factor. When all is said and done, one of the five contenders will receive a record deal with his infamous So So Def imprint. Lyric is one of three ladies holding it down on the series. She’s in her mid teens and is representing for the city of Houston (TX). She grew up surrounded by aspiring artists and got her start performing at school events. From there, she began releasing videos of herself remixing popular mainstream tracks and the rest is pretty much history. Her style is described as unique with a blend of: Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, and R&B. She also has a knack for being able to appeal to both fans in her age range as well as older supporters. Additionally, her social media numbers are high ranking and have garnered her looks from industry heavy hitters, radio stations, and media outlets across the globe. Couple all of that with her undeniable stage presence and unrelenting drive and it’s easy to see that Lyric is well on her way to blazing a path to super-stardom.

Recently, her team sent over the visuals for her latest release “On Fleek.” The single appears on her current collective entitled Princess. The production is that of: a heavy hitting bass line, dramatic supporting details, a fetching rhythm, and a tough street vibe. The hook is catchy. The delivery is charismatic and the lyrics are quality. The verses are good. Young Lyric utilizes a brazen flow, vivid wordplay, and cavalier rhymes. She shows off a bold & daunting side of herself that proves that though she may come off as quiet & shy on the series, she can turn up when it’s necessary. Overall, this is a noteworthy selection.

As stated, there is a video for the record. The setting for the video is Missouri City, Texas. The premise for the flick basically just spotlights Lyric gong in and repping the nature of the song to the fullest. She does some solo stunting in all white complete with a fly car accessory. She gets live with her girls on the steps of the Buddy Hopson Field House. She jams with some friends while inside of a whip. And she demonstrates her dancing prowess. Additionally, there is some neat emoji play at work on the graphics tip. If that wasn’t enough, there is an undeniable sense of energy & personality present throughout the vision. The latter of which drives up the appeal as well as gives off a youthful air. The visual concludes with Lyric and her crew hopping in noticeably clean trendy vehicles and riding off. As a whole, the video is a very fitting compliment to the tune.

**My Two Cents: I am a huge fan of Jermaine Dupri and respect his contribution to music a great deal. So I was pretty intrigued when I heard about The Rap Game series. I really like the show and Young Lyric is an early favorite of mine. So I was more than happy to share her submission with readers. The single & video are top notch. Lyric’s passion for her artistry is very evident and her versatile fashion sense is on point. I think the single itself could be just a tad more age appropriate but otherwise I have nothing bad to say or critique. Lyric has star quality for sure and I think she would make a great addition to the So So Def roster. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything plays out with the show’s finale this coming Friday. -MinM

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