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Illuminati Roundtable: The Life of Pablo Kardashian

by Pooh Bailey

Kanye-3(Photos Courtesy Of Google Images)

“Real Friends, how many of us have them?” Well look who’s actually releasing something he’s good at. Kanye ‘Twitter Fingers’ Kardashian has released his eighth studio album, The Life of Pablo. And honestly, this album is sonically brilliant. Lyrically, I’ve heard better lyrics from a crying five-year-old who refuses to take a nap. TLOP reminds us why we fell in love with Mr. West. But his Twitter rants are the reason why we treat him like the uncle who lives in your grandma’s basement. You see, Kanye is the perfect example of when an artist can’t separate their personal life from their art.


“Everybody gon’ say something. I’d be worried if they said nothing.” It seems lately that Kanye has no one to talk to, so he’s turned to Twitter. Bad idea. Kris Jenner’s houseguest is constantly tweeting his misogynistic, narcissistic, paranoid views. From thinking Wiz Khalifa tweeting ‘KK’ was about Kim Kardashian. To begging for money to help himself out of debt. Look, if Mark Zuckerberg is handing out checks, I hope it’s to the kids in Flint. Or the homeless people. Or the victims of domestic violence. Not to some grown man who can’t budget or doesn’t understand the Mint app on his phone. Kim should postpone her daily selfies to take his phone away. Tweeting about Wiz and Amber’s child is asking for an ass whipping. Or calling Amber a stripper as if his wife isn’t an amateur porn star. C’mon son. And these rants are occurring daily. It’s draining. During his many rants, you (just like me) might forget that he’s a successful rapper and not some depressed up and coming artist.

“We on an ultralight beam.” The Life of Pablo is a really great album. It makes up for the disaster that was Yeezus. But it’s Kanye’s words and actions that’s making it hard for people to really enjoy it (I know you Ye stans love it and whatnot, but save the dissertation for someone who cares). Honestly, Kanye doesn’t need Twitter, he needs a therapist. His tweets are incoherent and just come off as ramblings. I’m sure there are great ideas in that pile of rubbish. However, Ye needs to really step back (from music & fashion) and get himself together first. I mean his album isn’t even for sale. Selling this album could help put a dent in that debt. But Kanye will be Kanye. At this rate he will go from Justin Timberlake to Joey Fatone in a matter of a couple of years. Oh well. The rants won’t stop until Kanye seeks guidance. Until then I hope Nori and Saint really are covered in lamb’s wool because they truly are surrounded by wolves. –Pooh Bailey

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