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Kyle Denmead – “Easy”

by Miracle

artworks-000142044285-qql2b4-t500x500“Easy” (iTunes)

Kyle Denmead is a name that has been mentioned on the site in the past in conjunction with artists like Iri$h The Pen. He is a singer/ songwriter/ producer from Orlando, FL. He is also a member of the controversial Cash Money Records roster. He prides himself on pouring his heart and focus into his music in order to cope with whatever life may throw his way. His style is classified as Alternative Pop / R&B. At the moment, he is prepping the world for his upcoming EP, Therapy. The first leak off of the project is a song branded “Easy.”

“Easy” is produced by The Avengerz. It should be noted that Kyle serves as one half of the production team. The instrumental here is gracefully put together. The dense foundation, piano driven supporting elements, eclectic rhythm, and haunting vibe result in a mesmerizing combination. The hook is striking as well. The vocals are emotional and the lyrics have a sense of vulnerability to them that definitely impacts the listener. The verses are of a  first-class nature. Kyle Denmead delivers unique sounding melodies with heartbreaking lyrics. In the press for the record, the singer states that this is a personal tune that came about via a very bad break-up. And that is exactly what is conveyed through lines such as: “I’m never gonna feel your love, no more. Swear to God I’m the only one that’s thinking ’bout this so much. Oh Lord. It’s like you never loved me. But you swore it every time we touched. Oh Lord. Now I know I should’ve left you when you broke my trust.” Those are some deep lines right there that anyone who has suffered through a painful ending to a relationship will be able to identify with. As a whole, this is every bit of the smash hit that Kyle intended it to be. There is a complimentary acoustic version of “Easy” in play too. It’s in video format and can be viewed above.

**My Two Cents: I’ve liked Kyle ever since I heard him on $hamrock‘s (Iri$h The Pen) music a few years back. He’s got a nice set of pipes, his lyrics are top of the line, and his production team is legit. So I was curious to see what he could do on the solo tip. I am very impressed to say the least. “Easy” is an awesome selection. The production slays and the content is A1. The summary for the track mentioned that Kyle drew inspiration from the grandiose nature of film scores in hopes that his music would be equally as captivating. He nails it with this first leak. If the rest of the pending EP is anything like this record, it’s going to be a monster. I can’t wait. Readers need to check out “Easy” asap. -MinM

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