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Music Quickies: Cezar – “Cold” (Video)

by Pooh Bailey


Cezar is back with the anticipated video for his single, “Cold.” As I stated here, I love the song. As for the video, meh. Now I hate when a video is too literal but I also hate it when it doesn’t match the song. I get what he was trying to do but it could’ve been executed better.

It seems like more of a cinema project for a film major student, than an actual music video. The video leaves so many unanswered questions, that you actually watch it a few times before you say ‘whatever.’ One thing that I liked about it though, is that it was shot wonderfully. The director and the cinematographer should do a movie. To be honest, this would be the perfect video for Cezar’s single “Addikted.” Otherwise, everything is coming together nicely for Cezar. So I’m pretty sure his next video will be way better than what he gave us here. But take a look and judge for yourself. – Pooh Bailey

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